Get all of the wood-based products you need here.

R&R Wood Products Inc specializes in fabricating wood products that are typically used in industrial and commercial industries. Our pallets and skids are certified for international shipping, and our industrial lumber, sawdust, and firewood works great for fundamental applications.

Pallet Styles

Although there are several different designs of wooden pallets and skids, the two most common are the 4-Way Entry and 2-Way Entry Stringer Pallets. We at R&R Wood Products, Inc utilize a software program developed Virginia Tech’s Pallet Laboratory that gives us the ability to custom design a pallet for your specific requirement at the lowest available cost.


Skids are basically pallets without bottom boards. Our main customers utilizing skids are either in the steel industry or the paper industry. Skids are usually designed for specific uses and can be made in all different configurations for custom application.

Industrial Lumber

We utilize the most current machinery available to produce almost any piece of lumber a customer may need for their industrial application. We stock almost 750,000 board feet of industrial grade lumber to cover your crating requirements. We understand that yield is as importance as price when purchasing industrial lumber and therefore only purchase lumber from suppliers with the best quality.


We produce in excess of 30 cubic yards of green sawdust every day. All of this is sold for animal bedding. We are very careful not to handle any lumber which is toxic to animals especially horses. We never cut any pressure treated lumber or black walnut. We deliver this sawdust via our own truck which is equipped with a walking floor. The walking floor allows us the ability to dump the sawdust in some of the tightest spots without having to worry about height limitations in most cases. The sawdust we produce is a mixture of sawdust and shavings making our sawdust more absorbent. Since we only cut green hardwood lumber our sawdust does not blow around like kiln dried sawdust. Our truck holds approximately 25 cubic yards of sawdust. In most cases we deliver the sawdust first thing in the morning.


The firewood we accumulate is end cuts or drops we generate when we are cutting the lumber for our own use. The picture is typical of what our firewood is like. We normally produce three to four cords a week of firewood. Due to the nature of our business we are not set up to accommodate customer pick ups. Our truck holds approximately 3-1/2 cords of wood and is sold on a delivered basis. We will make every attempt to dump the load where the customer would like as long as it is feasible. The wood is primarily green mixed hardwoods. There maybe a very small percentage that is southern yellow pine. This is an excellent alternative heat source and works extremely well in wood burning stoves.